Cam Ciccone

Growing up in Northern New Hampshire, the mountains were a playground for Cameron from a very young age.  Naturally, outdoor adventure and athletics were a grounding presence.  Years of competitive skiing and cycling left him frustrated with chronic pain.  It was only after his sister’s suggestion to join her for a yoga class that a life changing transformation started to take place.  Cameron knew he wanted to dive deeper into his yoga practice.  With that he registered for a 200hr teacher training program with the Back Bay Yoga Studio and graduated during the summer in 2013.

Cameron’s classes are fun and energetic with a strong belief in movement and personal alignment.  His sequencing helps to build strength and increase flexibility.  Cameron believes in solid fundamentals and each class has a strong emphasis on basic alignment to develop muscle memory for new students.  His main goal is to help inspire students to learn more about themselves on and off the mat.  Cameron is indebted to Lynne Begier, Caitlyn Graham, Ryan Cunningham, and Goldie Kaufenberg among many other teachers for inspiration and encouragement in self exploration.

“Finding yoga has changed my life in more ways than I could have imagined.  Originally I was drawn to the practice because of my physical body and soon discovered I was not asking myself the right questions.  I want my students to get excited for class but also show them that their ability to look within for answers is a lifelong tool.  We are all teachers and we are all students.  On this path I have stepped, I want to continue exploring my body mind connection through personal practice and teaching.”