Stephanie Gilrein

​Stephanie Gilrein is a 200 Hour certified and registered yoga teacher through the Yoga Alliance. 

Stephanie's purpose in life is to ideally, be an Instrument of Peace. To awaken people’s hearts to the beauty of Life, help quiet their busy minds, access their heart’s desires and empower them to become the Master of their own Journey. Trained as a Yoga Therapist, Stephanie will authentically and uniquely guide you through sequences suitable for all levels and all abilities. She believes in the importance of devoted practice - any action of presence that continually brings you back “home”, to the True Self. For her, the best place to honor this process is on the yoga mat. Stephanie understood what unconditional love really meant on May 10, 2017 when she brought her daughter, Leela, into this world. Often in class, you’ll hear real-life, relatable “mom” stories, as her daughter has become one of her greatest teachers and a beautiful source of inspiration for how to live a life of presence and moment-to-moment fulfillment.