Susannah van der Wende

I came to yoga as an athlete who pursued exercise as a means of addressing my mental and physical limitations. In the past, I fought off my frustration, anger, sorrow and weight through athletic endeavors.  At that time, I approached most aspects of my life with great enthusiasm and impatience. My practice and my teaching mirror the work i pursue to slow down, strengthen and create more space.

I tend to lead a slower paced class, with a focus on understanding one’s own body and how to create mobility through stability. My teaching also explores pranayama and the more subtle aspects of yoga that tap into the center beyond the physical. I am eternally grateful for the insights that yoga offers. My teaching encourages students to tap into the depths of their being. I have had moments in my practice where I feel great relief, openness and joy. My desire is to share my experience and knowledge in support of my students. I continue to study through my own practice, reading, workshops and trainings. I regularly study with Natasha Rizopoulos in Boston and a variety of outstanding teachers in and around the Boston area. I am loyal student to my teacher Ame Wren.  I completed a ball rolling training with David Vendetti: South Boston Yoga 2017, A  75 hour Teacher Training with Schuyler Grant and Nikki Viella: Kula Yoga Project in 2017. I received 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Ame Wren: Boston Yoga School in 2015. 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Lynne Begier and Ame Wren: Back Bay Yoga in  2012. Baron Babtiste Level 1 Teacher Training in 2011 and Certificate of Completion of Pilates Reformer 1 + Movement Principle Balanced Body in 2013.