Victor Johnson

​Victor has a 200 hour certificate as a Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance. He completed his 200 hour training here at Power Yoga of Cape Cod. 

A carpenter by trade Victor knows the value of correct alignment and as such his classes are focused on alignment and breath. Yoga is similar to that cartoon image of a carrot on a string on a stick. No matter how far you go there is still something out of your reach! So it is important to breathe and smile where you are at.  After all yoga isn't really about making some shape with our bodies, it is more about cultivating a sense of well-being in the shape you find yourself in. 

Victor's favorite question to ask is "Is there anything in particular you'd like to work on in your yoga practice?" If you have any particular poses you'd like to work on or any pain or tension that you would like to work on let him know before class.