“I came to yoga six months ago with a skeptical attitude that it had anything to offer for me. That changed in a hurry! Now, I can’t imagine not having yoga as a regular part of my life. I practice at Power Yoga of Cape Cod, because I have found the instructors there to be fantastic. Beyond being incredibly knowledgeable, they are truly genuine and bring enthusiasm and caring to their instruction. The studio is a warm and welcoming place with classes and programs for levels, always emphasizing that yoga is not a destination, but a journey.”

“I went to my second class yesterday of the Intro series, even though I was really tired, had the sniffles all day from seasonal allergies and was really depressed by recent family issues. Jill is wonderful at explaining and demonstrating the poses so we can have a better understanding of how to do it or at least attempt to do it. To my utmost surprise, as I was getting dressed to go, I realized that I was feeling absolutely wonderful, calm, poised and re-energized. I am determined now to come to all the classes for the benefits far exceed my expectations.”

“Thanks for all that you do. Yoga has changed my life in such a short time. I see how much I was just in automatic pilot. Thanks for moving here and opening up shop! You are the best!”

“Woohoo! One week down and feeling good! So glad you started this challenge. I never thought my body could do power yoga every day. As a result of daily practice, I am learning to listen more to my body and am finding that each day I am thirsting for yoga. Yoga is becoming an essential for my body and soul each day…Thank you for providing such a wonderful supportive environment in which to practice!”

“Loving every moment of the challenge! It not only has been wonderful for the mind/body aspect, but also has been fun to work with others for a common goal! Your studio has drawn such wonderfully kind people to it, which I believe is because of the wonderful energy of Jill, Petra, and Eric. I look forward to yoga every day and have found myself scrambling to find help of all sorts for my little one’s when my husband is away in a few weeks because seven days of home practice is just not going to do it for me! I was able to physically push myself for my day at home but didn’t feel the clarity that you provide in such a wonderful way! Thank you again for all of your dedication to your studio, it shows!”

“Thank you so much for being part of my new healthier, more conscious life. Your teachers not only have knowledge and experience in their respective Yoga disciplines, they also possess the most vital element on the human periodical chart (after water and chocolate of course). When one shares his/her passion with another, it encourages and guides us to a more assured place of change that we might not be able to do on our own. As someone who is experiencing a shift in my life (and who isn’t?), I consider the teachers at Power of Yoga to be an important part of that change. I am reminded how living a positive and proactive life can start with a slight shift in my daily/weekly schedule that is reinforced by the community that you have helped to create.”