Class Descriptions

Yoga Classes

Power Yoga Flow: Level 1-2

1 hour 15 minutes

In this class, we will move fluidly through a challenging vinyasa practice while encouraging each practitioner to move into the poses to their own degree. Modifications will always be offered and encouraged; making this class great for the seasoned practitioner.

Hour of Power

60 Minutes

An hour long stimulating workout to get your energy flowing for your day.

Intro Series I

8 Sessions, Pre-registration required (75 minutes)

An 8 week course designed to teach the basics for beginners, one step at a time. This class meets two times a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Each class will add on to the previous one; to build stamina, knowledge and precision to poses.

Intro Series II

8 Sessions, Pre-registration required (75 minutes)

In this class, we will build on what we have learned in the Intro 1 Class, and look at some of the more advanced poses you might find in an All Levels Class or a Power Yoga Flow that were not covered in Intro 1. Postures will include half moon, sugar cane, traditional and tripod headstand, wheel and handstands. This class is not intended to master these poses-although you might find you are ready to take them on! It is intended to get you acquainted with these poses so you can begin to deepen your asana practice and feel comfortable going to the other classes we offer. All levels welcome!

Virtual Private and Group Classes

Virtual Private and Group Classes

We are now offering Semi Private and Private Virtual Classes taught by our PYCC Team! This is perfect for individuals and groups of any size! Bachelorette Parties, Wedding Parties, Couples and Families, Sports Teams, Team Building for Businesses and Companies, and anyone new and curious about yoga but isn’t yet ready to sign up for a class! We can offer you a one on one experience with personal care and attention! These classes will all be taught through Zoom making this accessible and open to any number of people!! For rates, and another other questions and booking, email us at!